Antonio Trotta User Experience UX Consultant

Antonio Trotta - User Experience ConsultantMy passion? Rediscover the simplicity missed by others. Enrich an experience that has been impoverished by the superfluous and shape the path that leads towards a successful interaction.

My goal? Create value and real benefit for users and businesses by delivering pleasing, meaningful products and services together with a memorable and engaging interactive experience.

Me and UX

What does it take for an application or a software to be a great one? As a software tester I thought that a “bug free” application was the answer. However, I soon realised that great softwares are those providing the best and optimal experience to the users. This experience is the result of a complex work of research around the user needs, behaviours and context of use, which ultimately lead to the design of something unique and truly special.
The step that has brought me to begin this new career as UX Consultant was the completion of a master in Human-Centred Systems at City University London in 2012.

Things I enjoy doing most

User Research

Perhaps the most exciting and useful part of my job. This is when I get to observe users, interview them and listen to what they do, capturing their needs and frustrations. It requires understanding and capabilities to translate these inputs into something tangible like personae or user journey. This is when I learn how we fail to deliver what the user needs and which point of the interactions we should improve. 

User Profiling


User Surveys are a relatively cheap way to gather data about your users. When properly designed, surveys can help revealing how people would use a service or a product. Lately I have been exploring the use of survey as a mean to generate a two dimensional segmentation of the users with regards to their behaviours (how they do it) and attitudes (what’s their inclination towards them).

Wireframes and Prototype

A truly User Centred Design – or UCD – approach requires the user to be involved throughout the whole process. I apply UCD principles to the workshop and other activities I run in order to create ideas later used to design and build interactive models to be validated by the users. Fom white wall, to sketching on paper and interactive prototype, the tools I use in order to build the vision are tailored around time, budget and purpose.